A space to pause….

Often times I get the urge to shuffle through fallen leaves! The colors and crunchiness create a divine moment.

Enjoy these photos that I took while pausing with a dear friend.



The Bones of Winter
Seeing my fragility in the trees…
If anyone could stop long enough in this mad rush
To NOwhere…. Important
One might see the bones of winter standing frozen motionless stuck to the earth
Trunks rising up toward the gray
Stopping, pointing in many directions
Arthritic fingertips, scratch the sky

Waiting in stillness
Snapping and cracking as the winter wind
Has its way with her
Whistling through the bare bones

To be naked and cold
What courage…these witnesses of time share.


Times Relentless Melt….

My contemplative photographers group has asked that we take photos of vulnerableness. I realized I steer clear of these mostly and am drawn to photograph gentle agreeable photos. This is not a bad thing ! I just need to be present also to the field of grief that is also present. I am so very aware of my own vulnerability as the seasons change through my own bones and flesh….
I love this poem Berry seems to capture much of what I hold in my heart!



Impressions, imprints, being the mother of five grown children I wonder sometimes about the imprint I have left on my children’s lives…. Then I bow to the Grace of God and know that her love supersedes anything negative or positive that may have left an imprint! I am grateful !